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LAOR beautiful cover art by Danielle Papenborg


“Danielle Liebeskind is something to discover.”
“An experimental jazz performance, like when Sonic Youth, Keiji Haino and Merzbow decide to to make a jazz album together.”
“Beautiful cover art!”
Underbelly (buy the album at Underbelly online shop!)
“Improvising from a rock attitude.”
“Great slow post rock.”
“Attractive soundsculptures.”
“A very well-designed space.”
This album is the result of years of joint explorations into the nature of improvisation, song, poetry, silence and sound.

Together they found a way to use text and poetry as an element cut loose from its song confinements, and bring vocal and instrumental phrasing on equal levels.

At times hypnotising, at times abrasive, this is moody music where the sound beyond is as important as the notes themselves.

Note the beautiful cover art, a paper sculpture made by Daniëlle!

“Een biologerende mix van avant-garde, drones, vrije improvisaties, musique concrète en neoklassiek. (…)
Ze weten hier niet alleen op eigenzinnige wijze iets op te bouwen, maar ook weer af te breken om weer opnieuw te beginnen.(…)

Het is absoluut muziek van de buitencategorie, maar wel één die je van de eerste tot de laatste seconde stevig in de houdgreep neemt. (…)

Daarmee houden ze zich ergens op tussen Winter Family, Meira Asher, Enablers, Magik Markers en Piiptsjilling.”

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Merchants Of Air:

“For some reason the Dutch seem to know how to make experimental music interesting. (…)

And yes, Danielle Liebeskind is something to discover. (…)

They seem to be influenced by jazz, classical music, ambient, drone and noise artists but I can also hear elements from Pink Floyd. (…)

The whole thing does indeed feel like an experimental jazz performance, a very experimental one. You know, like when Sonic Youth, Keiji Haino and Merzbow decide to to make a jazz album together.”

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Vital Weekly:

“The front cover of the album is beautiful. Very well done. (…)

this music surely is about space. (…)

LAOR surely is a full-grown example of their approach. (…)

I don’t know many examples of spoken word combined with music and sound. (…) In this case however, spoken word and the music both equally tell parts of the story. (…)

Improvising from a rock attitude. (…)

Great slow post rock. (…)

This album stands very much on its own feet, and is injected with a strong poetic spirit from beginning to end. (…)

They created attractive sound sculptures with some intense and fascinating moments. A very well-designed space. (…)

in the first part ‘Little Acts Of Rebellion / I Saw Your Light’ I recognize absolutely nothing, except for the narrating voice. That track is one continuously changing piece of minimalistic music, that’s for sure. (…)

‘Kimya Dawson Tribute’is a song that perfectly fits in with the natural and human sounds around me. In fact, it often happens that I have no idea which sounds come from the LP and which come from in and outside of my house. I like that. It gives the album something extra. It makes it sound completely different every time I listen to it. (…)

And I think I will be listening to this quite a lot from now on. It’s an album that deserves deeper exploration by curious and open minded music fanatics. The way it turns from gentle noise into a piece of classical music into a dark jazz tune, accompanied with what sounds like typewriter sounds, is brilliant. I can only applaud this approach to music and I do recommend this album to all you experimentalists out there.”

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Gonzo Circus:

“Die varieert van langgerekte, kalmerende postrock tot onrustige geluidstapijten, en alles daar tussenin natuurlijk.(…)

In ‘˜The New Year’€™ klinkt er nog wel een fraaie stofzuigergitaar.(…)

Je moet er even inkomen, maar dan is er genoeg te beleven aan het fraaie ‘˜Little Acts Of Rebellion’™.”

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Little Acts Of Rebellion is OUT NOW on our own label Dutch Experimental Artistic (DEAR) music and art.
Buy the album in our shop or on  bandcamp
Danielle Liebeskind coming on like the Earth Mother Incarnate.
Bombining high-energy noise, performance and improvisation with spoken word and intuitive songstructures, Danielle Liebeskind takes you on a psychic trip to noise and beyond, travelling light and carrying nothing more but the energies of the now.

Danielle Liebeskind is a singersongwriter and mixed media artist, creating music like painting or sculpturing. Martin Luiten is exploring sound as a physical extension. He is a producer and the guitarist in The Julie Mittens. Donne Brok contracts all and everything into the drumkit. He loves bells and plays with Donne and Desiree.

Releases Danielle Liebeskind wt Danielle, Martin Luiten and Donne Brok.

2015 -“a r c h i t e c t u r e   p e t i t e”  Cassette-release (Barreuh Records)

2015 “The Godmachine” split-cassette Danielle Liebeskind solo and wt band and guest musicians: Gijs van der Heijden, Stefan van den Berg, Gino Miniutti and Sietse van Erve (Oggy Records -BE)


2014 Attempt to Postrock track on Gespitzen Goodiebag (Roodkapje Rotterdam) listen

2013 One Day Sessions (Somehow Ecstatic Records -GR) listen

2013 Beton (Smikkelbaard) listen

Danielle Liebeskind SOLO

2008 frank zappa -sadcore / singersongwriter wt improvisation (WSP/ wt Martin Luiten) listen

2005 spending time at the warehouse -singersongwriter / sadcore americana ( WSP wt Gerben Houwer and Roy Santiago


2003 tracey 5-track demo -indiefolknoiserock ([drga-drga], wt Rick Boerman and Ro Halfhide) listen

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