High and hot – SUMMER! Last two shows before hollidays!

We’re heading towards the final 2 shows of our spring/summer tour and what a ride this will be! Temperatures will be rising above 35 and we will celabrate our 2 year anniversary in the woods of the land we were born: de Achterhoek.


Danielle Liebeskind‘s music has developed into a full size sound adventure with structures of (Dutch heavy) jazz, postrock, electronics, drones, and noise, holding performative elements like meditation and ritual. In a complete exploration of space, room, sound and emotion, this trio has developed into the synergy they are, combining improvisation techniques with intuitive ways, to make discernable what cannot to be put into words. The sounds are completed by looped vocals and spoked word by Danielle Papenborg.


We will be ending our tour with 2 shows, presenting 2 pilots and 2 guest musicians.

First up will be our performance at ‘n Drom. That’s were it all started!

We will be sharing the sand&wood-stage with our friends composer Gijs van der Heijden (who also performs at The Godmachine and joined us in Derde Wal, last january) and sound-sculpturer Wessel Wesselveld. (The Achterhoek-land is his land too, by the way)

A fully improvised “Sound Intervention” will be our goal, taking notice of the place that we’re performing in. With Martin Luiten on guitar and electronics, DonnE Brok on drumms and bells and Danielle Papenborg on guitar, loopstation and vocals.

Hopefully we can put this pilot into a projectplan and give us freedom to collaborate with other guestmusicians in 2016. We’ll keep you posted!


The last show of the spring/summer tour will also be a Sound Intervention. This time in the Nijmegen Soup factory Honig. In Galery Bart, we will be collecting experiences in a live and open recording session. We hope to be as experimental as we can get!

Feel free to come by, watch the art and listen to our sound-adventure!

smeltkroes_bannerpromoplaatje smeltkroes


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