Onomatopee: Artist’s labels Festival

We have been looking forward to this event in Eindhoven. And finally it is there!

Next saturday we will be performing at Onomatopee.

“Set up: the synergetic mobilisation of experimental music and visual culture.”

At this beautiful festival that is all about artists with labels.

We have been invited to present some WHITE SUIT PROJECTIONS stuff as well, so we made a very special earstroker for you! With real art packaging.

Performances by Bert Scholten, Danielle Liebeskind, Movements and Centres (Gert-Jan prins, Freek Lomme and Joan van Barneveld), a performative lecture by Peter Fengler (de player), a playful intervention by Barreuh Records, a DJ performance by Oscar Wyers Oggy Records.

Talks by Jan Tumlir on the form of the concept album as a point of convergence between the worlds of rock and art and by Francesco Spampinato on the exhibition and the book “Can You Hear Me? Music Labels by Visual Artists” (he is also the curator of this project)

The festival is free to visit, so we invite you to spend you money on a nice Danielle Liebeskind release, so we can keep doing the experimental good.



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