Two releases coming up in winter 2015!

The Godmachine

First track of the Muziekhuis recordings coming out of your speakers!


Oh yes! We will be bombining your heads with some newly brewed material from the studio. First Oggy Records from Gent, Belgium will release some really heavy solo material that Daan made in total isolation.

The other side of the tape will hold the expanded version of “The Godmachine”, fully played and improvised by Danielle Liebeskind band with guest musicians and is substracted from the recordings that we did at Muziekhuis in Utrecht. In spring, we hooked up with Gijs van der Heijden, Stefan van der Berg (Mummy’s a Tree), Gino Miniutti (Sven Agaath) and Sietse van Erve (Orphax / Moving Furniture). (We are in the process of finding a nice label to get this wonderful material on vinyl.)

“The Godmachine” will be wrapped in an exclusive handmade art-package an comes in an edition of 50. We will notify you when pre-orders can be done!

Hot winter ahead


Next will be a fresh cut of our studio recordings that we did in the monastry that was completely burned down shortly after… luckily nobody was hurt.. and we saved our recordings.
The kickass worldly obstinate label Barreuh Records from Eindhoven, that recognizes the cream of the crop, will wrap its arms around our stuff with its hot embrace. This whole adventure will take place around februari and of course beautiful artwork can be expected!

Live in 2015

We will accompany both releases with some nice shows, so we hope to see you in your neighbourhood! If you want to help out by booking a nice show for us or hook up together and make a package-show, we would love that! Send an email to Daan for your great ideas:


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