Combining high-energy noise, performance and improvisation with spoken word and intuitive songstructures, Danielle Liebeskind takes you on a psychic trip to noise and beyond, traveling light and carrying nothing more but the energies of the now!

Sonic Interventions

We love to do live performances in spaces that aren’t specific built as a music venue. We played in the woods, in a garage/beer brewery and in the nursery of an ancient hospital. We use the space or the room that we play in as an instrument and we try to work with it, leaving an impression on the listener and the space.

“a r c h i t e c t u r e   p e t i t e”
release date: march 20th 2015
listen here
“This is a nice, moody release of improvised rock structures, poetry and brought to you with great care and craftsmanship. Excellent tape.” (Frans de Waard |Vital Weekly)
read full review here
“The Godmachine”
tape on Oggy Records (BE)
artwork by Toni van Tiel
release date: january 23rd 2015
listen here
Right before that
In the early wintermonths of 2012 we released our first single BETON on the famous infamous online no-nononsense label Smikkelbaard and we went abroad right after that by participating in this cool One-day-session project by Greek independent label SomehowEcstatic Records.
They released our contribution on a handmade limited edition cd, which delighted us and made us smile through our teeth!
And to add up to these two we had a nice chance to put up a new song on the Roodkapje Gespitzen Digital Goodiebag, an exellent initiative if you ask us.
We recieved some nice reviews with some caressing words!
“Danielle Liebeskind coming on like the Earth Mother Incarnate”
We reminded Gonzo Circus of a young gorgeous and rattling Sonic Youth:
We don’t mind at all them saying that, but it does make us blush a little…
“Die groezelige en ietwat ruige sfeer blijft goed overeind tot op het einde met het nodige sfeervolle gitaarwerk. In een klein uur komt deze doordachte sessie roffelend tot een eind en hebben we onze teenage angst weer even herbeleefd.”
Gonzo Circus full review HERE
Our first review was for the Somehow Ecstatic One Day Session: some nice words from Vital Weekly.
“The free play here results in a demented rock trio playing in the best no wave tradition, or as we called here in The Netherlands Ultra” …. “When this trio starts playing their more structured sets of pop (dare we use that word?) it becomes very interesting.” … “The raw and direct energy spouting from that is great.”…. (FdW)
read the whole Vital Weekly review HERE

and listen to the album…. HERE

2 brand new releases coming up!

This summer we will be colliding with the controversial and experimental label Vatican Analog from Tilburg.

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