Upcoming shows


Februari 23rd: Live performance at opening exhibition “A Collective Act”, Expoplu, Nijmegen


Previous shows


November 11th: opening performance, solo wt just a voicelooper

May 21st: live performance in site specific work at Creative Jam #6, with Dead Neanderthals, World of Dust, Lobke Burgers and Korneel Jeuken, WHITE SUIT PROJECTIONS, Nijmegen

Saturday june 24: Code ROOD, SOLO performance and artist in residency at Transmute24, Code ROOD, Buitenplaats, Arnhem

april 23rd: SOLO performance / improvisation on site specific installation by Roy Ruepert, VM23, Arnhem

april 21st and 27th: music on art project, collaboration with artist Barry van der Rijt, for Week van de Autonome Kunst en Muziek, WHITE SUIT PROJECTIONS, Nijmegen

april 23rd: SOLO collaboration with experimental electronic artist Eigenheimer and VJ Linda van Sommeren, for Week van de Autonome Kunst en Muziek, WHITE SUIT PROJECTIONS, Nijmegen


december 15th: Live at Tape, Arnhem, with Scheerling and an exhibition of Danielle’s art

october 7th: Creative Jam #3 State Of The Worldly Transition, WHITE SUIT PROJECTIONS, Nijmegen, wt Broken Toaster Records, Lost Bear and The Julie Mittens & Gareth Davis

september 10th: SOLO Ruru-huis, Sonsbeek Festival 2016, Arnhem wt. Wieman, E.M.I.R.S. and Les Horribles Travailleurs

june 3rd: Koffie & Ambacht – Rotterdam

may 7th: Avant.wav festival, TAC, Eindhoven

april 16th: LP release show – RURU-huis, Arnhem 14:30 PM

april 16th: LP release show – Senor Hernandez, Nijmegen 11:00 h AM!


December 20th: Vechtclub XL, Utrecht. wt This Leo Sunrise, Boyle & The World of Dust

December 15th: SOLO Camelot, Nijmegen. Support for Kevin Robert Thomson (Enablers, USA). wt Down in Norway and Robby de Selby

july 26: Danielle Liebeskind SOLO at finissage De Salon, art at nuyens, Arnhem

july 12: “Sonic Intervention” at finissage exhibition Smeltkroes @ Galery Bart, Honig Complex, Nijmegen (Danielle is also a participant in the exhibition)

july 4: “Sonic Intervention” @ open air festival, with guest musicians Gijs van der heijden & Wessel Westerveld,’n Drom 16, Sinderen

june 12: Danielle Liebeskind live @ Brandstof. Talkshow-event linked to “Now Age”, an exhibition curated by Yasmijn Jarram for Garage Rotterdam

june 7: Danielle Liebeskind DUO-show (wt Martin Luiten), Galery Bart, Honig Complex, Nijmegen (+ participation in group exhibition)

may 23: Onomatopee 109, Designhuis, Eindhoven

april 18: Sounds of The Underground festival, Amsterdam

april 4th: Punt WG, Amsterdam, wt AmErIkAn TeEnAgEr

march 20th: Release show at labelnight Barreuh Records, TAC, Eindhoven

24 januari 2015: Nijmegen, Derde Wal, release show “The Godmachine” (Oggy Records)


13-12 Nijmegen, Extrapool, wt Yuri Landman, Danielle SOLO

08-11 Eindhoven, Glaspaviljoen (Glow Festival), wt AmErIkAn TeEnAgEr

29-09 Nijmegen, Ondersteboven, Het eerste Uur, Danielle Liebeskind SOLO

21-02 Nijmegen, Lindenberg, wt De Staat, Lavalu

14-02 Utrecht, Kargadoor, Lo Friday wt Sven Agaath

02-02 Nijmegen, Plufabriek, Danielle Liebeskind SOLO

24-01 Nijmegen, Cultuurspinnerij de Vasim, exhibition opening


15-10 Nijmegen, De Onderbroek, wt King Champion Sounds

27-09 Rotterdam, Roodkapje, Gespitzen wt Machinist

21-08 Amsterdam, OCCII, wt Chris Corsano & Jenny Graf and Cactus Truck

06-07 Sinderen, ‘n Drom, festival in the forrest: Danielle Liebeskind TRIO debut show

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artist | curator | producer
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